I enjoyed it

It was very sweet. I enjoyed it. Buy me Cayenne Jollof rice.


i love every bit of what i ordered

ginger juice great and jollof rice oooo my word perfectly made to suit my lovely tongue and mouth…..i love every bit of what i ordered….great work


Something different from the ordinary

Wow.. the ginger juice here is just superb! Something different from the ordinary. The recipe must be magic. Customer service too is exquisite. Can’t wait to bring my girl here. Lol

You guys made my afternoon

I rarely eat yam outside my home but yam and palava sauce at CS-Restaurant is super. You guys made my afternoon.

A place to be

  1. I recommend this restaurant to all …. A place to be …. I appreciate what they did for me and my friends…..

your food is just too good

Oh boy, honestly speaking your food, (esp de jollof I had today n de fried rice my wife had) is just too good….